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5 Trending Home Makeover Pieces to Buy Online


The internet surely has a strong influence on the choices we make, and this includes the things we shop for. With the changes brought about by the pandemic, many have realized the need to change their homes into a more comfortable place. Home decor & makeover recommendations are the buzz in the online community since the start of the pandemic. Here are 5 home makeover items that have taken the internet by storm.


1. Metro Home Multi-Purpose Cart

This multi-purpose cart is a big hit for everyone! If you don’t have one, you’re missing out! It’s an organizing piece made to be used in all corners of the house. Use it in the kitchen as a snack cart, beauty organizer for the bedroom or a storage for your cleaning essentials. Not only is it stylish, but it is also a convenient space saver.


2. Bench Ottoman

An ottoman adds storage and seating to any room in an instant. It’s a great hack for rooms with limited space, especially for apartments and condominiums. This piece of furniture is versatile enough to be used as a bed bench that also acts as a storage for linens and pillows, a footstool or even as a coffee table.


3. Philips UV-C Disinfection Desk Lamp

People have turned into cleaning machines looking for tips and hacks on how they can keep their homes virus-free for their families. This Philips UVC Disinfection Lamp does exactly the job. Leave it in the center of the kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom as instructed and let it do its magic. It effectively disinfects surfaces by deactivating viruses and bacteria with its UV-C technology.


4. Ramgo Flower Pot

As soon as lockdown began, everyone turned into a plantita overnight. Because who wouldn’t, right? Caring for plants is one way to kill time and release stress from work or school. The Ramgo Flower Pots are the perfect choice as it is lightweight, flexible and easy to maintain unlike clay pots. Plus, you can get it in multiple colors that best fits your style.


5. InterDesign Suction Basket

There’s no need to drill any holes to your walls with this suction basket! Have everything within your reach by placing this near the sink for your dishwashing essentials, for bathroom accessories as a shower caddy or at your vanity table to hold your hair tools.


Don’t hesitate to try what the internet is talking about. These home makeover pieces may just work for you! Shop these items online at True Value by GoRobinsons.

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